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ANNUAL REPORT – 2020 – 2021


                                      Learning gives creativity,

                                      Creativity leads to thinking,

                                     Thinking provides knowledge,

                                      Knowledge makes you great.

          Education is not only learning from the alone. It is rather learning beyond books. Every activity of the school is to make the child to learn something more for life.

          Kongu Public School is marching towards an extra mile with a smile in the momentous task of moulding minds. This temple of real knowledge is a name with a mission to nurture each child to make a compassionate and a discerning individual through a holistic quality education.

         The school has always endeavoured to impart values and virtues to children, which is a very important and indispensable parameter in their holistic development.

         The school is affiliated to CBSE, NEWDELHI started by somanur Kongu vellalar Trust 2018 of each child is recognized, Nurtured and treasured. Our focus is to develop our students as global citizens with tolerance.Respect and appreciation of diverse cultures and religious for lifetime learning experience.

          The Annual Report for the year 2019 – 2020 hope to take you through our efforts and achievements registered by Kongu Public School.

          A good beginning makes good end.

          The event of academic calendar starts with teacher empowerment program. Teachers are also learners. Staying updated in the key to success in any field. Teacher empowerment includes training in subject enrichment activity, pattern of evaluation, life skills, adolescent Education program, Inclusive art education and artificial Intelligence.

          I wish to begin with our performance on the academic front. Achieving academic excellence is at the heart of our Endeavour as educator.

         Our students dreamt, believed and tried and learnt to be always engaged.

          There comes BRICS mathematics online Olympiad assessment Grade III-VIII. Students have participated and won medals.

          Students of Grade III-VIII participated in BEBRAS – Apptitude tests.

          “Dinamalar” Tamil Newspaper conducted vinadi vina virudu Quiz contest. Studens of Grade VI-VIII participated and 2 of the students extend to the final rounds.

           Petroleum Conservation Research Association conducted poster making competition. Students of Grade VI-VIII participated.

          Vigilance Awareness week has been observed by our school students from 28th oct – 3rd Nov successfully.

          Tamilnadu pudhiya velicham had conducted Essay writing competition for the school students. Logesh.S.R of Grade VII has bagged the district level of championship. Nearly 100 of students participated in the 6th interstate yoga champion 8 students bagged Gold medal, 6 students had won silver and 8 students bagged Bronze medal.

          Re-year 2019-2020 was marched with many events and success stories. This can be attributed to the dedication and team spirit of the members of the management, staff and students.

          The dedicated staff go beyond and above what is expected of them to meet the academic, spiritual, personal and emotional needs of children providing them a fantastic, all-rounded education and place where they feel valued.

         Tata consultancy services conducted TCS on assessment for Grade V-VIII. The assessment global citizenship, communication skill, financial literacy, creativity and Innovation and universal values.

         Reading club John Milton club activity (Dept of English) was conducted on 27th June 2019. Students developed their linguistic skills and came out in flying colours showcasing their inborn talents.

         Elangovadigal Muthamizhl  mandram was conducted on 15/6/2019. Students took their role in a fantastic manner.

        Einstein’s club Department of science conducted science carnival on 31st August KG -VIII students have participated enthusiastically and prepared and presented their exhibits on the different concepts and made each one of us to feel our campus a techno school.

         Heritage club (Dept of SS) was conducted on 19th OCT. The activities of the club took us to know more about the part and made us prepared for the future.

         Ravivarma club (Department of Art) was exhibited on 26th NOV. Aiming at enhanced skills in creative drawing and explained their unspoken words which are unable to explain through their artistic skills.

        Math- 27/7-

Eco club 26/11.

        The best way to final yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.

        Primary students are enrolled in cubs and Bulbuls Grade VI-VIII.  Students are enrolled in scouts and guides and preparing for Rajyapuraskar Award.

        Our students had participated in TSSC Cultural competitions.         Our student yoshika of Grade III participated in skating tournament and won. Gold medal and silver medal is different categories.

         Our students has participated in story narrating competition . Harsha.R.M of Grade 1- won 1st place.

         Homesh shreekanth of Grade IV had participated in math magic and won 1st place and Srejith.S 2nd place , kasini.K 3rd place in math magic.

         C.V.Prithika of Grade VI won 1st place in Handwriting competition.

         Discovery school super league of Byjus learning app conducted Quiz competition. 6 of our students from Grade VI-VIII won the prizes.


          Full moon day camp was conducted on 11th Nov for the students of Grade VII and VIII. Empowered with self-Assessment, critical thinking decision making and problem solving Assessment through campus.

          . We wish to dedicate all our achievements to the committed team. We humbly salute the visionary leaders of the part and the Great ones of the present and seek divine grace and blessing to guide us in all our endeavours.

          I would like to conclude by quoting Swami Vivekananda words Arise, Awake and stop not until the goal is achieved. 


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